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5 Spring cleaning tips for small business owners

23 Mar 2017

Sping Clean Cbx


We are on the back end of winter, and many across the country are looking forward to the warmer temperatures and sunshine that come with spring.


However, there is one chore that often comes with the new season that many aren’t always so excited about. I’m talking of course about spring cleaning.sping



Here are 5 ways business owners can apply the spring cleaning concept to their company.


     1. Get Mobile

A simple website doesn’t cut it in today’s Internet-based environment. Mobile has the potential to lead to additional revenue opportunities, which is why incorporating a responsive site for your business is so crucial. Its makes it easier for people to view content from their phone or tablet, and mobile sites are arguably just as important these days.


     2. Get social

The ability to connect and engage with consumers helps increase awareness of your business, which can translate to revenue gains from attracting new customers.


     3. Literal Spring cleaning

Taking the time to literally get into taking care of things that need some serious cleaning can be a worthwhile exercise around the office. This can apply to the overall cleanliness of your equipment and the office. This can apply to the overall cleanliness your equipment and the office.


     4. Evaluate and acknowledge good work

Spring brings with it a sense of renewed energy and intentions of improvement. This doesn’t just apply to business owners but to their employees as well, making spring a perfect opportunity to encourage their good work.


     5. Consider security measures

Hackers are constantly lurking on the Internet for people and businesses to take advantage of, so it’s a smart time to analyse your company’s security measures. Small businesses are often easy targets for these individuals, so please consider implementing strong security protocols.


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