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How to succeed as a student abroad

27 Oct 2016

CBX News Studying Abroad


Travelling overseas and studying abroad is a big step. Studying abroad gives you a competitive edge with a world class education and personality growth that’s irreplaceable.

We put together some tips to help make the process easier.




Remember that you are not alone.

Many students are in the same circumstances. They’ve also left home and might be sharing the same fears as you. So when making new friends, don’t be shy about opening up they will be able to understand your concerns.


Make  friends

Have night outs with your friends and make sure to visit interesting places with them at weekends. Studying is important but everything in moderation!


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Study effectively

Studying and studying effectively are two different things. In the latter, a successful student knows how to manage their time, and examination or test preparation strategies inside out. Find out what your university’s student catalogue can offer you, try and get a head start and begin to familiarise yourself with these the course work.


Cope with homesickness

Leaving home is one of the hardest things as a student overseas. Feeling homesick is normal and it will hit every student at some point. Learn what triggers it and how can you can overcome it. It’s not something you should take lightly and hide from because it will only distract you from your goals.


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