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Record number of students accepted into UK universities and colleges

30 Aug 2016

Thinkstock Photos -584607690A record 424,000 students have been accepted into UK universities and colleges so far in 2016, up 3% on last year, and the highest ever recorded on A-level results day.

According to UCAS figures, 201,000 18-year-old applicants were placed into further and higher education, up 2% on 2015, despite the population falling by 2.3%.

Young people from the UK are 4% more likely to have been placed than last year, said the admissions service.

The figures have come on the day there has been a slight fall in top grades compared to exam results day last year, the proportion of A* and A grades was 25.8%, down by 0.1% on 2015. The pass rate of 98.1% has remained the same.

Surprisingly, the number of EU students placed at a UK university has increased to 26,800, up 11%, and the highest number ever recorded for this group. This comes despite fears EU students were being put off coming to the UK in the post-Brexit climate. Overall, international acceptances have stayed around the same level as 2015 at 29,300.

Young people from the poorest backgrounds are 7% more likely to be placed than last year.

Acceptances from older age groups have also grown, for those aged 25 and over up 8%, as more students from each of the four UK countries have been placed in higher education than at this point last year.

Looking at the gender breakdown, over 27,400 more young women than men have already been placed at university, but this gap is slightly narrower than in 2015 with 3% more men placed in 2016, and 2% more women.

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