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Tips on how to keep your business hot in the winter!

12 Jan 2017

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Surviving the winter months is a concern for many businesses. Consumer spending shifts to the holidays and the amount being spent greatly declines after the rush to spend on gifts subsides.

The average business owners plans for the rush and hopes to receive a portion of the billions of pounds spent during this time of year.


However, for businesses that sell items that are best enjoyed in the spring and summer months, the excessive spending and recovery period is not felt. The winter months are not about a large boost in sales, but a steady decline in revenue because consumers tend to focus less on the sunny days and be more concerned about the ice-cold ones.


There are three things you should keep in mind when panning for the winter months (and not just Christmas holidays).


1) Invest in marketing. While your network is crucial for your business, eventually it will be tapped out. To cast a wider net, small business owners who need to winterise businesses will likely need to promote products and services. Local media coverage, online advertising, social media marketing and a mobile-optimised website will expand your reach and awareness.

2) Get in where you can fit in. Create or purchase temporary products. For example if you are a Smoothie store, you can make special drinks for the winter months or warm food that will help you to continue to attract customers even when it’s too cold for cold drinks.

3) Creativity is key. Perhaps you have a landscaping business, design and planning can be done year around. If work slows in the winter months, provide incentives for those who plan ahead. If you own a Christmas décor store, innovative marketing will be critical. Think about a Christmas in July promotion. If you own a golf course, the club house can be used as an events facility year around.


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Remember, most businesses recognise the ebb and flow in business and try to prepare for the ups and downs. Maybe your business is slower in the summer or spring but no matter when your business hits the down cycle, your preparation will help you navigate the storm.


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